3 steps how to choose an original gift for a guy

original gift for bithday

When asked about their birthday gift wishes, guys often say they don’t really need anything in particular. Needless to say, it doesn’t help with the gift searching process in the slightest. Therefore the best gift you can get a guy who doesn’t seem to need anything, is something fun – an adventure, a trip or an original gift in general.

Original gifts are made to cause happiness, to give a chance in trying something new or just make your everyday life easier. There are many kinds of original gifts that you can choose for the birthday guy, so in this article we will give you a few ideas on how to do so.

1. Try thinking outside of the box

We have many holidays and occasions to celebrate, birthdays often being the most important ones. The more celebrations, the more gifts – you always have to be prepared to surprise your closest people with great birthday gifts. And to do so, the best advice is to think outside of the box.

What that means is quite simple – rid your mind of traditional gift ideas. If you want to surprise your birthday boy with a cool and unique gift, traditional choices might need some help. 

For example, chocolate candies, bottle of wine, store bought sweater. These all are great gifts, but not really original. These all sound like last minute gift choices that you just have to make when you’ve forgotten about somebody’s birthday party. In saying so, these gift ideas aren’t lost causes – even the most common gift ideas can be made into original gifts with just a few touch-ups. 

Instead of buying another box of chocolate candies, try making your own – combine different flavors, choose fun colors to decorate. Instead of simply buying a bottle of wine on your way to the birthday party, put in some more effort. Buy chocolate candies and stick them all around the wine bottle to make this more fun. And when it comes to choosing a sweater, don’t make the safe choice. In most cases it will end up being  a boring gift. Choose a sweater with trendy and cool designs.

With just a few of simple touch-ups, these traditional gifts can be turned into something unique.

2. Choose a gift that will bring joy

The most important reasoning for an original gift is to replace boring traditional gifts with something more unique in order to bring joy. 

If our birthday boy has a hobby, then a good gift choice is something related to his interests. Or the other way around – a good gift would be a chance to try something completely new. For example, active guys would love paintball or laser tag which can be played in groups with their closest friends or colleagues.

On the other hand, if our birthday boy is willing to step out of his comfort zone and is ready to experience an adventure of lifetime, a great gift idea could be something more extreme. For example, a chance to experience paragliding, a flight with deltaplane or hot air balloon. Now these are the gifts that will be remembered for a long time!

3. Make sure that your gift will be put to use

We’ve all at some point received a gift that’s simply unusable. When all you can think of is just throwing it in the closet or putting on your desk for decoration. Although sometimes souvenirs and little decorative elements can be cute, they aren’t really categorised as original gifts that usually bring much joy.

Good gifts that can be put to use and also enjoyed are accessories, jewellery and clothing. For example, you won’t go wrong by choosing a cool dinosaur t-shirt. It’s unique, fun and comfortable. Find out more in the article 5 reasons dinosaur shirt is a cool gift for a guy.

Also worth noting that both zero waste and minimalism lifestyles are getting more popular. Therefore gifts, that don’t take up more space, are too. Sometimes the best original gift is a trip or adventure – it will bring joy, it’s not a traditional gift at all and it will surely be used. 

Hopefully this simple advice has helped you in any way in finding the best birthday gift for a guy.

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