Most popular T-rex characters in the world

most popular t-rex

The most popular dinosaur species from Tyrannosaurus family, without a doubt are T-rex dinosaurs. Lets call them TeeRex as we love to call our beloved TeeREX character. They’ve roamed the planet about 67-65 million years ago, being one of the last dinosaurs to ever exist on Earth. With that being said, many other animal species have evolved from T-rex dinosaurs, for example, lizards. 

Of course, the funny exterior of TeeRex dinosaurs are also worth mentioning. These huge size and scary looking dinosaurs with small, tiny arms. This might be why TeeRex has gotten so popular – because of its comic image so often seen in  many movies and cartoons.

Without further ado, let’s meet the world’s top TeeRex dinosaurs. On what other dinosaur species have gained popularity over the years, read the article TOP 10 most popular dinosaur species.

Rex from Night At The Museum

Pasaulē populārākie T-Rex dinozauri

The Night Museum is one of the most interesting films of its time. The movie is about a night guard who on the first day of work finds out that, because of a vicious plaque, everything in the museum comes alive at night.

It also includes a TeeRex dinosaur skeleton named Rex. Who could stand in the way for such a charming and fun-loving playmate who only wants to chase the ball?

Rex from Toy Story

Pasaulē populārākie T-Rex dinozauri

Sheriff Woody becomes jealous when its owner gets a new exciting cosmonaut toy Buzz Lightyear, and that’s how adventures of Toy Story begin. It has been our kids favourite movie for many years because of every character in it, including the comical Rex.

This nervous dinosaur can’t frighten anyone who actually knows him, but he often overcomes his fears with small but remarkable flashes of courage when he really needs it.

Yoshi from Mario & Luigi series

Pasaulē populārākie T-Rex dinozauri

The Super Mario character Yoshi is a T-Rex dinosaur and an adventurous buddy of Mario and Luigi. Yoshi’s best characteristic is his ever-trusted friendship.

According to Super Mario World’s guide, he’s got his name from Yoshi Island because it was revealed there for the first time. In Super Mario series he often acts as a cohesive characterist, even though he is playful and always ready for new adventures.

Friendly dinosaur Barney

Pasaulē populārākie T-Rex dinozauri

One of the all time most loved kids show was once Barney and Friends. The friendly dinosaur Barney for more than 10 seasons was encouraging children and teaching them that everything impossible was actually achievable.

From pretending to be a pilot in a made-up plane to pretending to be a pirate looking for treasure, Barney taught every child to swim in the waves of their own imagination.

T-Rex from Jurassic park

Science-fiction adventure movie The Jurassic Park is one of the most popular dinosaur films depicting T-Rex’s fearsome and terrifying being. Among the free-roaming and reborn dinosaurs, T-Rex takes on the main role of the greatest villain, chasing a group of people throughout the whole movie.

Although a giant dinosaur is not a friendly and loving character in this movie, it is one of the most popular T-Rex dinosaurs in pop culture.

T-Rex from The Land of The Lost

Pasaulē populārākie T-Rex dinozauri

The movie Land of The Lost is a real vortex of comic adventures. In the world created by the directors of this film, the scientist Rick takes on a breathtaking adventure with a primate Chuck and some fantastic creatures – also dinosaurs.

The movie also shows one T-Rex dinosaur, who seemed to be in a fight with the other dinosaur Alice the whole time. Needless to say, the whole movie’s questionable flow of events was more fearsome than these dinosaurs. 

Some of these characters were certainly known to you, others might not. Either way it is clear that T-Rex dinosaurs were one of the greatest and most fearsome dinosaurs on our planet. You can find out more about them in the article 10 interesting facts about the T-Rex dinosaur.

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